A man from High Wycombe says he faces delays and cancellations ‘every single day’ on his local Arriva bus route.

Residents travelling on the Arriva bus routes between Marlow and High Wycombe hit out at the company last month for its increasingly irregular and “frustrating” service, which left many stranded, waiting for long periods or reverting to other forms of transport.

Frank Haigh, 64, of Stephenson Close in Wycombe, has now said the issues are by no means contained to that specific route – alleging that there is at least one cancellation “every single day” on his daily journey to and from Downley on the number 10 bus.

Frank, who is disabled, said he has faced waits of over an hour “in the freezing cold” at his bus stop in recent months, during which time the formerly reliable service has become completely unrecognisable.

“I think Arriva as a company has lost its way. I’ve spoken to so many people who are having the same problems – local transport in Wycombe is just shocking.

“I don’t work, I’m a man of leisure, but I catch the bus every day and I know people who have to get in and out of the town for work and who get the bus in for hospital appointments.

“Sometimes they're just cancelled at the last minute, and you’re left sitting there in the pouring rain and cold. It’s a joke.”

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It comes after Jenny Bunni, 74, from Marlow, slammed Arriva for its "diabolical" service at the end of February after she saw five buses between Marlow and High Wycombe cancelled in just one day.

Jenny said: "It's a real problem - I know people who have missed dental appointments and whose children can't get to school because there are no buses.

"When you live somewhere like Marlow or Bourne End, you are isolated - some people can only get into Wycombe on the bus.”

A spokesperson for Arriva South said: "Recently we have had some operational difficulties with our services operated by our High Wycombe depot. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a number of journeys being cancelled and we are sorry for the disruption this has caused.

"We have put in place a number of mitigating actions to address the issue and so far, this has delivered significant improvements. Passengers should be starting to see these improvements and we are confident that the situation will improve yet further in the coming weeks."