Green belt rules have crushed Ricky Gervais' hopes of adding another bedroom to his £3m riverside property in Marlow.

The Reading-born comedian faced opposition from residents claiming his proposals were ‘inappropriate’ for the area.

Best known for his role as David Brent in television's 'The Office', the 62-year-old, wished to expand his riverside mansion in Buckinghamshire.

However, the local parish council countered the plans, stating the extension would disrupt the area's natural beauty.

The mansion resides within a designated green belt area, an area businesses cannot expand into without difficulty due to tighter building restrictions.

Furthermore, the property falls under a flood zone which adds further building restrictions.

In some planning documents obtained by MailOnline, the local parish council clearly voiced its disapproval.

The council members said: "Cllrs were negative to this application and objected as they felt it was inappropriate development in the green belt, citing the closing of the gap with the neighbouring building."

Gervais had originally filed the renovation plans for his Buckinghamshire property last year.

But, in face of the stiff opposition, the 'After Life' star had to withdraw his planning application for his extension, which would have been erected above his garage.

Despite modification attempts to the planned extension, in addition to agreeing to eliminate an existing side window to prevent overlooking next door, the application was ultimately withdrawn.

Architects Anderson Orr claimed in planning papers: "The objective of this proposal is to extend over the existing garage to provide additional bedroom accommodation for the dwelling.

"The extension is subservient to the existing with proposed walls stepped back from the face of the existing building and proposed eaves and ridge lines lower than the existing.

"The proposed extension would give rise to a modest increase in floor area and volume of the dwelling, and so, it is reasonable to assess that it wouldn't constitute a disproportionate addition in the Green Belt."

Gervais' property portfolio contains his Buckinghamshire residence, a home in Hampstead worth £10.8 million which he bought in 2015, and two residences in New York's Upper East Side.

One was purchased in 2008 for £1.1 million and the other in 2011 for £2.5 million.

The comedian-actor also owned a £7.7 million Hampstead property, but he sold it after clashing with his neighbours over his plans to create a basement gym and indoor pool.

The Buckinghamshire property, bought by the star in 2016, has a ground floor snug, drawing room, conservatory, garage, and office.

It consists of two bedrooms furnished with his and her dressing areas. It also has a tennis court.