A man accused of stabbing another man to death under a disused railway bridge has claimed that he and the victim conspired to rob a drug dealer - culminating in a fatal fight.

Tyrell James, 24, of Patrick Haugh Road in Arncott, has been giving evidence at Reading Crown Court today (March 20).

He stands accused of murder over the death of Karl Stanislaus, who was found dead in Bowden Lane, High Wycombe, on September 5 last year.

The victim sustained 56 knife wounds, in what the prosecution have suggested was a drug-related killing.

However, James has claimed in court that he killed Mr Stanislaus in an act of self-defence.

James admits being involved in the local drug trade. He testified that, last summer, he and Mr Stanislaus - who he knew casually - hatched a plot to rob another drug dealer.

The plan was to meet the man in an isolated area, before demanding his phone and valuables.

James said: "The objective was to take his SIM card, but, if he had money or drugs, that would be a bonus."

The scheme allegedly came to fruition on September 5, when the pair lured the man to a location near Bowden Lane.

James says he went to the crime scene to meet Mr Stanislaus - who produced a knife, and appeared "agitated."

By the defendant's own account, Mr Stanislaus was unhappy with how the robbery was playing out.

There was an altercation, during which James says he snatched the weapon off Mr Stanislaus - but the latter continued to assault him.

James stated: "I felt like he was going to get the knife out of my hand and stab me."

He alleges he was then forced to stab Mr Stanislaus in self-defence.

Over the past week, jurors in the trial have heard of the extensive injuries found on Mr Stanislaus' body.

These included 38 stab wounds, 11 incised wounds and seven puncture wounds, spread over the victim's arms, chest, legs, head, neck and bottom.

James said he attacked Mr Stanislaus in a "panic."

He told the court: "I think the first stab went to the stomach area. I do remember stabbing him in the neck.

"I can't remember how I managed to stab him on his right-knee, but I remember stabbing him quickly, fast. I was panicking."

He added: "I wasn't thinking clearly. I didn't have time to assess the situation. I just did whatever I felt was necessary at the time."

A chilling audio recording capturing the moment of the stabbing was also played in court today.

The audio was picked up by a CCTV camera at a nearby Wenzel's bakery.

In the recording, a man can be heard yelling loudly for around a minute - although his words are largely indiscernible.

Prosecuting barrister Eloise Marshall KC has claimed that Mr Stanislaus is begging for his life in the audio.

But James told jurors that the victim is actually feigning his suffering in the audio.

Instead, he claims that, at the time, Mr Stanislaus was assaulting him, and shouting to make it appear James was the aggressor.

The trial continues.