Police in South Buckinghamshire seized two vehicles in High Wycombe in one swoop after stopping a car flagged for no insurance.

The white Fiesta's driver confessed to the lack of insurance upon being questioned.

As the officers were awaiting recovery for the seized car, the motorcycle owner, who also claimed ownership of the seized car, approached the police.

Checks on the motorcyclist's records indicated he lacked the proper licence to operate the vehicle he was riding.

Consequently, both his car and motorcycle ended up on the back of a recovery truck.

A police spokesperson said: "If you are going to drive a vehicle on the roads in the UK it is down to you as the driver to check you have the correct documents in place to do so.

"Do not just assume."

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the legal requirements for operating a vehicle on the roads.

Both the Fiesta driver and the motorcyclist were sent home on foot as a result of the seizure, making for an odd yet stern legal enforcement tale.