The neighbours and friends of a brave nine-year-old battling cancer for the second time are planning a fundraising event in support of him and his family.

Kaiden Edwards, 9, from Flackwell Heath was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2022 after experiencing head pain, nausea, sickness and double vision.

He had an operation to remove the tumour and, after undergoing proton beam therapy and chemotherapy, the 9-year-old rang the milestone bell in July 2023 when he reached a landmark point in his treatment.

Unfortunately, a routine MRI scan picked up a spot on Kaiden’s spine this March, which was diagnosed as a relapse of medulloblastoma, a tumour in his spinal cord.

Kathryn, Kaiden’s mum, said she was “absolutely shattered and heartbroken” by the news on a GoFundMe page set up to ensure her son has “as many experiences and treats” as possible.

The fundraiser has so far generated over £18,000 in just six days.

It’s a mission statement that has also resonated with the whole of the Flackwell Heath community, and residents have come together to organise a fundraising day to boost donations for the page even further as a way to show their support to Kathryn and the rest of the family at this incredibly difficult time.

A ‘Walk for Kaiden’ will be held in the village on Saturday, April 27, beginning at 12pm outside Cleopatra Beauty and finishing at The Stag Pub at around 2pm, where a bouncy castle, face-painting stall and performers will keep the fundraising spirit alive.

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A spokesperson for local event organisers M&G Parties shared news of the walk – which will be attended by a number of their cartoon characters in full costume – on its social media pages.

They wrote: “I’m sure many of you are familiar with our local brave hero Kaiden. No child deserves to go through this, and no family should have to watch their children suffer from this awful disease.

“We’re hoping to have every single one of our characters out on April 27 to line the streets of Flackwell Heath (and) show Kaiden that we’re all in awe of his strength and that he has the whole of the community behind him.

“As Kaiden’s brave mum said, ‘It takes a village, so let’s be that village!’”

Kathryn thanked her local community for their support over the last few years on her fundraising page.

Writing: “I really don’t expect anyone to provide for us, your love and support is enough.

“If you do feel you can help with a donation then it will be greatly appreciated, although not an expectation.

“We are eternally grateful for all of you, your messages of support are heart warming, and we really feel we have an army behind us.”

Visit this link to donate and share the campaign now: