A man from Chesham has described his documentary being nominated for a BAFTA as ‘humbling’.

Director Dan Hartley produced the programme on stuntman David Holmes, who became paralysed whilst filming scenes for the Harry Potter franchise during the 2000s.

The film, ‘David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived’, looks at Mr Holmes’ life before his life-changing accident in 2009, his friendship with actor Daniel Radcliffe, and what his future has in store.

His accident occurred during the filming of 'The Deathly Hallows: Part 1' at Leavesden Studios, Hertfordshire.

He was paralysed from the chest down and now uses a wheelchair.

Speaking to the BBC about his nomination, Mr Hartley said: "To get a BAFTA nomination is humbling, wonderous and fantastic.

“It gave a platform to Dave and everything he wants to do going forward.

“The messages in the film are positive and useful.”

The documentary, which was produced by Radcliffe who starred as the movie’s main character between 2001 and 2010, was aired on Sky Documentaries in November last year.

Mr Holmes also told the BBC: "I now have a responsibility - not just to the friends I made this film with, but also the wider disabled community, to use the platform that I'm gaining and hopefully influence positive change."