A school in High Wycombe has been hit by a cyber attack but has remained open as usual.

Cressex Community School confirmed they were subject to a cyberattack on Friday, March 22, which impacted the school's IT systems.

A school spokesman said: "The school initiated their Cyber Response Plan efficiently and effectively.  The school has remained open to students and staff with teaching and learning continuing.

"The school contacted their Data Protection Officer and reported to the ICO, in line with the statutory requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 / GDPR.

"The school has also been working with numerous specialist organisations to ensure the best support is being accessed."

Cressex Community School says the incident is being investigated by the 'relevant authorities'. 

Remedial action has also been taken to limit data loss and restore IT systems.

The school added: "The co-operative response demonstrated by all stakeholders of the school, reflects the resilience and strength of the school's community."