A recent radio programme on Marlow FM featured memories of the late Dr John Spink and the part he played in establishing the Doctors House on Victoria Road.

The positive reaction to this show confirmed that John was one of the most popular and helpful doctors ever in Marlow. A photograph of him with Princess Diana when the Hospital extension opened appeared on the 'Legends Of Marlow' Facebook pages and received a very large number of 'likes' and favourable comments, with many stating that it was considerably easier to see a Doctor in John's era, unlike today.  The radio show consisted largely of a Marlow Society interview, some years ago, with John's wife Pat who since has also sadly passed away. 

There also exists a cassette made by John himself, but the recording quality is so poor that it would be embarrassing to play it over the airwaves. However, I will attempt to make a transcript of this for a future Nostalgia Page and find pictures of the various local Doctors who were mentioned as colleagues by John. He is predictably very modest about the part he played in opening the Doctors House.

Bucks Free Press:

In the meantime, from my own files, I have an interesting article written by local historian Rachel Brown about past medical facilities in town. Rachel herself was a Doctor but of microbiology rather than medicine. I have copied sections of this above and added a few relevant pictures of the names mentioned.

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