Police officers stopped drivers along the A40 in Buckinghamshire this morning as part of an operation aimed at preventing accidents from careless driving.

Thames Valley Police Roads Policing officers had a heavy presence on the A40 London Road from the junction 3 roundabout through Loudwater this morning (March 30) as they launched Operation Thassos – an ANPR scheme cracking down on a range of driving offences.

Speaking to the Free Press, PC Martin Woodford said the first few hours of the operation had been less fruitful than he might have liked but had resulted in an arrest for impaired driving and notices handed out for mobile phone use and no seatbelts.

Bucks Free Press:

He added: “I picked the A40 as the base of the operation because we know we’re going to get a lot of traffic, which equals a lot of cars being stopped and a lot of drivers being taken off the road to keep others safe.

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“We’ve not stopped anywhere near as many people as I thought we would, but I think that’s because it’s 10:30am on a Bank Holiday weekend and people are probably sleeping in!”

Bucks Free Press:

However, the operation is a worthwhile effort no matter the number of offenders being caught out, PC Woodford said.

“We like to be proactive rather than reactive wherever we can. Road deaths are far too high, and it’s something that’s far too easily accepted which I don’t like.

“Getting drunk and drug drivers, and people who are uninsured, off the road is preventing danger. The people driving those cars are the people who are potentially going to hurt you or me, or our families.”