Market traders descended into the centre of High Wycombe on Easter Sunday for the annual Vegan Farmer Fair.

Numerous stands were on show as dealers displayed their environmentally friendly food and healthcare products, which ranged from plant-based doughnuts and sauces to bars of soap and lip balms.

Bucks Free Press: It took place near the Eden Shopping CentreIt took place near the Eden Shopping Centre (Image: NQ)

And despite the High Street being considerably quieter due to the religious holiday along with the Eden Centre being shut, several people still attended the event to try out the alternative foods and products.

Joline Stevens, who owns Clementine Suds near Great Missenden, told the Free Press on March 31: “I started my business around a year ago because I wanted to leave my corporate 9-5 job to do something more meaningful.

Bucks Free Press: Several stands were on show in the centre of High WycombeSeveral stands were on show in the centre of High Wycombe (Image: NQ)

“So I thought I’d tackle one of the planet's big problems: we’ve got too much plastic and people using products which aren’t as environmentally friendly.

“And even though the weather has been cold and most of the shops are shut due to Easter, I’ve had some lovely chats with people who are incredibly enthusiastic about the environment.

Bucks Free Press: Joline Stevens owns Clementine Suds near Great MissendenJoline Stevens owns Clementine Suds near Great Missenden (Image: NQ)

“The business focuses on sustainable skincare which involves skincare products that don’t include plastic, it’s plant-based and we don’t have any harsh ingredients which are good for the planet.

Bucks Free Press: There was a lot on offerThere was a lot on offer (Image: NQ)

“It’s been good.”

Another popular stall at the event was the plant-based food hut, Plantuguese.

The hot dishes and sweet treats from Portugal are all made from alternative ingredients without animal or dairy tracings.

Bucks Free Press: Tiago Goulart (left) and Gerda Juozapavicihte (right) at PlantugueseTiago Goulart (left) and Gerda Juozapavicihte (right) at Plantuguese (Image: NQ)

There was a long line at the stall to try out their dishes, and Gerda Juozapavicihte, who works for the business, hopes the vegan interest will continue for the long haul.

She said: “I’ve been a vegan for six years and it’s been great. 

“It’s also important and people must try it out.

"Plant-based foods are better for the environment, for your health and the environment.

“We have to stop this mass slaughter of animals.

“It’s 2024 and I think now is the time to stop this because plant-based foods are healthier.

“The foods are lower in cholesterol as anything we do is always about the health benefits and the environmental benefits.

“Vegan businesses are also getting busier which is also good.”

One other stall that also proved to be a big hit was the Super Hot Chilli Company.

Many people tried out the business’ selection of jams, pastes, chutneys and sauces in unique ways which are more friendly towards the environment.

Owner Steve Goring said: “I wanted to make a vegan product and it opens up markets for me.

Bucks Free Press: This stand was selling vegan doughnutsThis stand was selling vegan doughnuts (Image: NQ)

“It’s been good I enjoy doing it.”

However, Mr Goring wasn’t too pleased with the fair taking place on Easter Sunday with several shops being shut.

He continued: “It’s the wrong day to have the market on for a start.

Bucks Free Press: Mr Goring speaks to a customer regarding his chilli sauce Mr Goring speaks to a customer regarding his chilli sauce (Image: NQ)

“It’s Easter Sunday and all the shops are closed, so there’s hardly anyone here.

“People are still here but with all the shops being shut, it’s reduced the footfall by at least 60 per cent.”