Dogwalkers in Penn have been warned that they ‘will be identified’ if they don’t take their pooch’s poo bags home with them or to the nearest bin.

Julian Davidge, who lives in Beaconsfield, was on a walk in Common Wood on Saturday, March 30, when he spotted signs pinned to fence posts warning locals not to be ‘poo bag tossers’.

One of the signs read: “Are you the poo bag tosser? Take poo bags home or to (the) nearest bin (on) Curzon Avenue.

“If your dog poos, it is ok to stick and flick it into (the) undergrowth.

“If you have a bag of poo, we are ok if you empty it in the undergrowth, then put it in a clean bag so you can take it home in your pocket.

Bucks Free Press:

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“(But) don’t leave plastic bags here. Don’t toss them into bushes or hide them behind trees.

“We do not have the income to pay for poo bins and volunteers clean up your mess. If you won’t, then don’t be a selfish a**hole.

“We are taking steps to identify you.”

Bucks Free Press:

Another sign, which attributed the comments to the Common Wood Management Team, urged careless dogwalkers to “take (the poo bags) home and hang them in your own trees or bushes, as you are so confident in (their) biodegradability”.

Julian said he agreed with the sentiment, adding: “I really don’t understand why you would bag up your dog’s poo, then just leave it in the woods.”

Are poo bags left in trees or bushes a big problem in your area?