Two members of Wycombe’s Labour Party have announced their resignation after being ‘alienated and disappointed’ by the group’s stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Khalil Ahmed, High Wycombe’s 2019 Labour parliamentary candidate and former mayor, and party member Hussain Shahid have announced their resignation from the Wycombe Labour Party, effective today (April 1).

In his resignation statement, Mr Ahmed expressed “deep regret” at stepping down from the party following a two-decade membership.

He said: “The Labour Party once held the values of social justice, compassion and advocacy for ordinary working people, but it has strayed from its core principles.

“As a member of a large ethnic minority in Wycombe, I feel sad, alienated and disappointed by Keir Starmer’s lack of support for us.”

He said Starmer’s Labour Party “lacks compassion”, citing the leader’s “failure to condemn atrocities against Palestinians” in the Israel-Gaza conflict and describing his call for a ceasefire “four months late” as “unacceptable”.

“The Labour Party’s failure to prioritise policies that truly uplift the lives of people and address the pressing crises facing Britain is deeply disheartening to me.

“I must be true to myself and demonstrate leadership to those who voted for me by resigning from the Labour Party. Today I choose what is right over my own ambition.

“However, my commitment to our community remains unwavering. I will continue to champion local initiatives like the Wycombe Food Hub and advocate for the establishment of a Town Council, promoting equality and democracy in my hometown. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my Labour colleagues and friends who have supported me, especially over the past decade.”

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Hussain Shahid, an 18-year-old former youth campaigner for Labour, said he was also resigning from the party because of its stance on the conflict in the Middle East.

He said: “The current stance of the party on the conflict in Gaza directly contradicts my deeply held principles and values.

“The lack of proactive engagement with the Muslim community and the failure to advocate effectively for the Palestine cause by our Wycombe Labour candidate Emma Reynolds, have been sources of disappointment and concern to me.”

Mr Shahid drew particular focus to Emma Reynolds’ “failure to speak out for an immediate ceasefire” immediately following Israel’s invasion of Gaza in October 2023.

Adding: “My resignation is an act of conscience, driven by a strong sense of responsibility to stand up for what is right and to uphold the values that I believe in.

“I remain committed to working towards a more just and equitable society, and I will continue to advocate for the causes that are important to me, even outside of the party structure.”

Emma Reynolds and the Wycombe Labour Party have been contacted for comment.