A riverside village in Buckinghamshire has been named as one of the poshest places in the UK, according to The Telegraph.

An article, published on Saturday March 30, placed Medmenham near Marlow on the Telegraph’s list of 48 posh villages in the UK.

Medmenham was the only village in Buckinghamshire to make the list.

The article reported that the average house price in this part of the county is £1,462,199 a whopping figure, more than triple the average UK house price.

Properties in the village are generally sold for £500,000 more than the UK average, which was recorded as £1,550,000in February 2023.

As well as its location near Marlow, the ‘posh appeal’ was attributed to the village being "steeped in history" as well as being home to swimmers, kayakers and houseboats.

The Telegraph also mentioned a local primary school being rated Outstanding by Ofsted in April 2023.

The article said: "The small village of Medmenham is stepped in history. Its first church was established in the middle of the 7th century, and was rebuilt some 500 years later in 1150 under the patronage of Hugh II, Baron de Bolebec of Bucks.

"It still stands today as St Peter and St Paul Church. Situated on the banks of the Thames, this isn't the busy London river as you might know it. Rather, it is home to swimmers, kayakers and houseboats who make sure of the peaceful waterway. 

"To top it off, the local primary school was rated "outstanding" by Ofsted in April 2023.