A PENSIONER living in sheltered accommodation in Princes Risborough has voiced distress over long-standing issues with an 'unauthorised' tenant.

The resident, who has remained anonymous, revealed how the man in his 20s has been living in his fathers apartment since he passed away in December 2022.

Red Kite Housing confirmed they received complaints from neighbours about the man causing a nuisance, with disturbances including "noise, drug use, and verbal threats".

The sheltered facility in Woollerton Court, managed by Red Kite Housing, is intended for those over 60.

"For two and a half years this 20 something has been living in a complex for the over 60s. Red Kite gets an antisocial behaviour thing, quite frankly, they do nothing.

"They tell me they're awaiting court dates. I've lived over it for 18 months," she shared.

The resident shed light on the disturbing occurrences, saying the antisocial activities included "people out on the balcony, beer cans being thrown into the garden, things being smashed against the wall, doors being slammed and banged".

In the late hours of Saturday, March 16, the resident heard death threats being made from the flat and police officers turned up at the scene.

The resident also alleged the man has been housing an unauthorised lodger.

Red Kite Housing confirmed they are working with Thames Valley Police and have advised residents to contact them.

Julie Gamble-Kempe, head of communications and brand at Red Kite Housing said: "We would like to reassure our tenants that we are doing everything we can to remove the person who is causing issues by living in the flat with no right to do so.

“This person, the son of a tenant who passed away, has no right to remain in the property and we are progressing with legal action to recover possession.

"We have to abide by the law when seeking repossession, and while we are aiming for a resolution as soon as possible, current delays in the court system mean things are not happening as quickly as we would like. We understand this is frustrating, but we are doing everything we can to resolve the situation.

“We have provided advice to the individual to help him secure alternative accommodation.

“We are sorry about the impact this is having on our tenants and understand that it is negatively affecting their lives.

"We will continue to give regular updates to everyone at Woollerton Court. Our Sheltered Services Manager has personally visited everyone involved in the most recent incident to explain the situation and hopefully reassure them that we are trying to resolve things as quickly as we can."