'The town is getting worse' is what several members of the High Wycombe community have said after seeing videos of people riding loud dirt bikes. 

Footage obtained by the Free Press shows two people riding dirt bikes across the town’s High Street along with other areas of the town aggressively.

The duo were seen going along pavements and roads despite parts of the high street being pedestrianised, whilst revving to let those in the vicinity of their presence.

Some shoppers in the town were seen trying to get out of their way, with the incident taking place in the afternoon of Thursday, April 4.

However, some are suggesting that a lack of activities in the area causes youngsters to act out due to ‘boredom’.

Paul Wakefield said: “Rather than keep building multiple Aldi shops and McDonalds and other rubbish like that, the town should build something for kids and teens to go to.

“There’s no excuse for this behaviour but boredom plays a big part in this.”

Bucks Free Press: The two people were spotted on dirt bikes in the afternoon of April 4The two people were spotted on dirt bikes in the afternoon of April 4 (Image: NQ)

Mohammed Aslam added: “This is an excellent way for them to spend their time and practice riding to become and better and more efficient.  

“You do not know what the meaning of fun is – well done, lads.”

However, not everyone was impressed.

Pete Furness said: “Wouldn't let my dog live in Wycombe lately.

“Just getting worse by the week.”

James Piercey said: “Well just shows how bad the town has gotten.”

Bucks Free Press: Several people had to run out of the riders' waySeveral people had to run out of the riders' way (Image: NQ)

Luke Gregory wrote on Facebook: “Nothing new... with zero police in the town.”

Martin Mullett added: “Just shows a total lack of respect for the law, and making the most of NO police around.”

John Tierney said: “If only we had a functioning police force in the town still?”

The two were seen in High Wycombe at around 4pm on April 4, and were seen going along the High Street, Paul’s Row and Church Street.