A HUGE mattress, a shopping basket and a coconut are just some of the items recovered from a river clear-up in High Wycombe this week.

A group of volunteers were hard at work picking litter out of the stream between Kingsmead Road and High Wycombe Rugby Club on Tuesday afternoon.

Dozens of children took part in the initiative, organised by local social enterprise Mama Bee to provide hot food and activities to children during the school holidays.

Explaining the event, founder Amber Preen said it is a partnership with Bucks Council to provide children with a socially-led activity followed by a hot meal. “We come and do a stream clean-up then head back to headquarters where we’re provided with lunch and we study some of the interesting things we’ve found,” she said.

And pointing to one of the items they had recovered, Amber’s daughter Rosie said: “We found a coconut last time and we found another one again today! Someone seems to keep chucking them in the stream.”

Other items included a huge double-sized mattress which had been carelessly lobbed in the water, lots of glass bottles and a couple of shopping baskets as well as general food and beverage containers and electronics.

The team were assisted by Chiltern Rangers, a not-for-profit based in Fennels Road, who focus on conservation and community. They provided the kit to enable the team to safely clear out the stream.

Ranger Izzy Bassick said her message to those dropping litter is to “think twice”.

She said: “There are plenty of bins around this area and there are ways to get big items like mattresses disposed of properly through the council, especially if you don’t have the means of disposing something on your own. Please think twice.”

Praising the energy of the young litter pickers, Izzy added: “Mama Bee and their volunteers are absolutely amazing. They are full of energy and they always do an amazing job.”

Mia, 14, who was on the litter pick with her younger sister Robyn, 11, said: “It is a wonderful initiative, I know it’s definitely helped me and my sister. They provide so many good activities, it’s such a social thing. I’ve really enjoyed my time today.”

Mama Bee’s hot food and activities (HAF) project runs until Friday, April 12, from 12.30pm until 4.30pm.

Food is provided by local business Khepera, on Duke Street.

All sessions include the opportunity to cook together, participate in team challenges and enrichment activities, such as trips out to the escape rooms, stream clearing, arts and crafts to take home. The project is aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 16.

To find out more, visit www.mamabee.org.uk.

For adults interested in getting involved in litter-picking locally, visit revivethewye.org.uk/volunteering