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Tim Bearder is standing for the Liberal Democrats in the election of the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner on May 2, 2024.

The 48-year-old is a councillor on Oxfordshire County Council, where he is the cabinet member for adult social care.

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A former BBC South journalist, who grew up in Bicester but now lives in Wheatley, he also serves as a district councillor for Forest Hill and Holton and is the director of a video production company.

Here we question Mr Bearder further about his suitability for the role:

What experience do you have for the role?

I used to work for the BBC writing news articles across the whole of the south, so I am aware of the communities and the problems they are facing. As a councillor, I have the capacity to bring people together in a system-wide approach.

Why should people vote for you?

I would be a leader in the Thames Valley force who is inclusive, accepting of diversity, understanding that women, black people, BME people, everyone has got something to contribute.

Which crimes will you prioritise?

My number one priority is tackling domestic violence against women and girls. My second priority would be tackling dangerous and reckless driving. We have a culture of complete impunity. My third priority is to bring about more community policing.

How will you prevent more crime?

By cutting off people coming into being criminals in the first place. With systematic, organised shoplifting, you are talking about gangs who are picking up vulnerable people.

How will you solve more crime?

The solved crime rate is 3.8 per cent in Thames Valley for victim-based crime. That is below the national average. It is about better information, better IT, we need to share that better and invest in our staff.

Will officers notice a change?

Officers see the current PCC as a joke. He gets paid at least twice what an officer would get. They know he is out for his own ends. What they get in me is someone who stands up for the rank-and-file officer and is on their side.

Is the position unnecessarily politicised?

Lib Dem policy is to abolish the PCC. I make no apology for standing as a PCC. The position is stupid. It gives a huge amount of power to one man.

Where would you spend more money?

Investing into staff. You live and die by your staff. There is a massive absentee rate in the call centres, people leaving TVP in their droves.

How would you ensure budget cuts do not lead to crime rising?

It is not my goal to go into this role to make cuts and I would fight vigorously to protect Thames Valley from further cuts.

How important is the police’s relationship with the public and how will you develop this?

Fish rots from the head. You have got Matthew Barber who is stoking up culture wars, politicising the police. I would open up police stations and have more visible police.

How will you ensure TVP deals with officers who commit crimes?

It is a tiny number of police officers that are bringing the whole service into disrepute. We need to bring people together and have zero tolerance.

How will you make sure everywhere in the large Thames Valley area is represented?

The Liberal Democrats are about localism, divesting our powers to communities at the lowest level.

How will we be able to measure your success after your first 100 days?

There is a lot to turn around. I wouldn’t be judging myself after 100 days.