Police officers tracked down a stolen motorbike in Beaconsfield woodland yesterday.

Thames Valley Police’s South Bucks Neighbourhood Policing Team received reports of a stolen motorbike in Beaconsfield on Saturday (April 13).

They tracked the bike down to woodland in the town, where they successfully recovered it yesterday (Sunday, April 14).

The “happy” rightful owner was contacted by the officers.

A spokesperson for the force took the opportunity to remind would-be offenders: “Don’t take what’s not yours”.

They also urged those impacted by bike theft to contact police as quickly as possible by calling 101 or making a report online.

Adding: "Give us your frame number, cycle database number, a photo and any other details and make sure you update the status on the cycle database where you registered it.

"The sooner we know, the sooner we can act, which might stop it being sold on." 

Ways to keep your bike safe from thieves include using two locks, taking removable parts with you and attaching security marks.