A caretaker who was left with a fractured skull and brain injury after slipping on ice at a school has launched a High Court claim for more than £200,000 in compensation.

Newly released court documents say that Tomasz Dubik, 56, was walking towards the music block at Chesham Grammar School when he slipped on icy ground, knocking himself unconscious.

He claims his fall happened because insufficient precautions had been taken to safeguard against slippery pavements.

The papers say that insurers for Red Kite Schools Trust, which runs the school, have accepted there was a breach of duty, subject to medical causation.

The two sides are unable to agree how much compensation Dubik should receive and are asking the High Court in London to decide.

Mr Dubik, of Atlas House, Bennington Road, Chesham, says in the claim documents that he cannot remember the accident on February 9, 2021 but says CCTV evidence show that he slipped and fell, and was unconscious for some time.

He says the Trust had only gritted the ground in front of the main building, and that the school had negligently failed to carry out a proper risk assessment, to ensure the surface was not slippery.

He claims they failed to maintain his workplace in a safe and efficient condition.

His injuries included a fractured skull, a traumatic moderate to severe brain injury, a bleed on his brain leading to impaired concentration and memory, and problems with his left hand and balance.

He needed surgery on his head injuries, and stayed in hospital until March 2 2021. He could not drive until October 2021, and has been unable to go back to work at the school. He returned to his part-time work as a shelf stacker at Tesco after two months, but the papers say cannot return to full-time work because of his symptoms.

Mr Dubik is said to have suffered from enduring fatigue, and cognitive problems as well as issues with his left hand and balance.

He has been left disabled on the open labour market, and is unlikely to be able to return to full time work, or his second job with the trust according to the claim.

He is seeking damages with provision to enable him to return to court to seek more compensation if his condition deteriorates and he develops epilepsy.