A HIGH Wycombe resident has branded the decision to close the public toilets in High Wycombe town centre as an "absolute disgrace". 

The toilets in Paul's Row, which are owned by Buckinghamshire Council, were shut following "significant vandalism".

Tamsin Holkham, 45, of Healy Avenue said: "I know people with MS, Crohn's disease and my dad has bowel cancer.

"When you need a toilet in those situations, you might not have the choice to go to McDonald's or the pub to use the loo."

Former councillor and mayor Peter Cartwright responded to Tamsin's comment on the closure.

Bucks Free Press: Toilets in Paul's Row, High Wycombe

He said: "I know how important it is to toilets available. There were toilets available for the disabled at the entrance to these toilets but these are currently inaccessible.

"The former Wycombe District Council spent thousands on installing equipment to implement a 20p charge and those of us over a certain age will now what " spend a penny" means.

"If someone is less mobile etc, to get to those in Eden in time is not an option. 

"There needs to be consideration for those who need access to a toilet quickly and the Council has a legal duty for Public Health. 

Tamsin Holkham argued the toilet closure highlights a broader issue in Wycombe.

She wonders why the council can spend money on moving county archives but fail to invest in basic hygienic services.

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Adding: "Why can't the council spend money upgrading toilets. Why are they spending money on moving county archives? Why not spending money on toilets, I don't think its acceptable. "

Phil Madelin agreed with Tamsin's views and said: "I have tried to engage with the Council through the Community Forum but have met with stubborn resistance to the idea.

"I even suggested that the Council might partner with pubs at that end of the town, to open their facilities beyond just customers but have had no success there yet either."

The council explained the decision to permanently close the toilets was due to vandalism.

John Chilver, Cabinet Member for Accessible Housing and Resources, explained the closure, saying: "Unfortunately, we have had to close these public toilets for the foreseeable future due to significant vandalism.

"This decision was not taken lightly but is necessary due to the high costs incurred in maintaining and keeping these toilets open.

"We apologise to members of the public for any disruption caused by this closure."