A FIVE year housing strategy has been revealed by the local authority to meet countywide housing needs and conquer challenges such as the growing population.

This detailed roadmap outlines the council's objectives and key steps towards affordable, accessible, sustainable, and suitable housing choices.

In fact, the strategy was informed and supported by numerous partners including housing associations, developers, community groups, and other public organisations.

The strategic vision outlines three central priorities.

Firstly, a robust housing offer advocates that a safe, secure home is vital to quality of life, public health, and economic growth.

Secondly, higher quality homes will emerge through planned investments to enhance living conditions and foster vibrant communities.

Lastly, the introduction of new homes, in coordination with partners, will ensure residents have homes that meet their needs and aspirations.

The council's cabinet member for homelessness and regulatory services, Mark Winn, shared his insights.

He said: "It is vital for the growth of our economy and the welfare of our residents that everyone has access to a safe, secure, and suitable home.

"Our Housing Strategy sets out how we plan to achieve this over the next five years, working with our partners and local communities."

He continued: "This is our first countywide Housing Strategy and is the result of extensive public consultation and collaboration with various partners, including housing and voluntary organisations.

"Together, we’ll continue to work on delivering these action plans over the next five years.

"The Housing Strategy will be delivered within existing budgets and through partnership working with registered providers."

The full Housing Strategy document can be viewed on the council’s website.