Several Amersham residents have encouraged more people in the town to visit charity shops in the area.

The town’s High Street currently boasts eight second-hand stores with each branch offering a variety of different items.

Some specialise in selling old school uniforms, others focus on furniture with one branch offering numerous amounts of accessories.

Andy from Amersham, who has lived in the town for over two decades, told the Free Press: “The environmental aspect of using a charity shop is very important.

“You’re getting rid of your unwanted items and they’ll be going to a new home.

“High-value items will go for a fraction of the original price, with that money going to people who need it the most.

“When I first moved here, there was one charity shop – now there is eight.

“This is brilliant to see as it shows people are more willing to recycle, help the environment and aid great causes.”

The popularity of charity shops has risen after the pandemic due to many residents across the country clearing out their respective properties.

Months of being unable to visit local stores they encouraged those in the UK to focus on clear-ups in their respective houses.

This led to an abundance of items being donated to charity shops when businesses reopened in June 2020.

A Cancer Research spokesperson told the Free Press: “We aim to be a first choice for our customers and proudly cater for all budgets and there are lots of reasons why our supporters choose to shop with us.

“It’s a very family-oriented store with people of all ages popping in to find good quality items.

“The younger clients often like to find fashion accessories that we also stock.

“As a charity, we are grateful for all good quality items that are donated to our shops as they are all valuable when it comes to funding our life-saving research.

“However, every once in a while a real gem will come along that can be of particularly high value such as designer shoes, designer handbags and sometimes we receive antiques here in Amersham too.

“Over the past few years, we have recognised a growing trend of consumers looking to make more environmentally informed shopping decisions.

“By donating quality, pre-loved items or buying from our shops and marketplaces, our supporters help to keep products and materials in use for longer, making the most of the energy and resources used to make them."