One of the leading directors in Hollywood has backed plans for a film studio to be built in Marlow.

James Cameron, who is best known for masterminding multimillion blockbusters such as The Terminator (1984), Aliens (1986), Titanic (1997), Avatar (2009) and Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), penned a letter to Buckinghamshire Council stating he was impressed with the proposal.

The Oscar winner also said that the potential building could be a base for his company, Lightstorm3D.

He wrote: "The next iteration of screen storytelling requires a purpose-built working space of exceptional quality, and trained professionals to grow the 3D market.

Bucks Free Press: James Cameron wants the Marlow Film Studios to take placeJames Cameron wants the Marlow Film Studios to take place (Image: PA)

“I look forward to Marlow Film Studios opening its doors in support of the next evolution of 3D storytelling."

Robert Laycock, the CEO of the Marlow Film Studios, said: “We are thrilled to have James Cameron’s endorsement.”

Plans to introduce a film studio in Marlow were first introduced in June 2021 under the stewardship of Developers Dido Properly Limited.

However, thousands have criticised the potential new site from going ahead, with concerns focusing on the town’s greenbelt as it will be built on land near the A404 bypass.

Ahead of a decision from the local planning authority later this year, developers have announced a raft of proposals to convince officers that the studio’s acknowledged environmental harms are outweighed by its benefits.

Their latest such effort has been to frame an 89-acre pocket of land next to and adjoining the site, earmarked for landscaping and wildlife preservation, as a ‘contribution’ towards the long-awaited Little Marlow Lakes Country Park.

Bucks Free Press: What the film studios could look likeWhat the film studios could look like (Image: NA)

But the town’s MP, Joy Morrissey, has stated that she is against the proposal.

In an open letter that was published in September 2023, she said: “The stunning green spaces in our area are a significant attraction for those of us who have chosen to call the Beaconsfield constituency our home.

“Preserving our Greenbelt and green spaces is crucial. This is my priority and is why I voiced my objections to this development with planning officers.”

A decision on the plans was due to be made several months ago, but backlash from residents, along with changes being made to the initial planning application at the end of February, meant no definitive outcome has been agreed.

In addition to this, amendments to proposals are subject to a statutory period of 30 days, but this time has now lapsed.

Bucks Free Press: The first plans were shared in June 2021The first plans were shared in June 2021 (Image: NA)

While the date of a new committee meeting has yet to be confirmed, it is anticipated that it may take place later in spring.

The amendments to the application submitted in February aimed to address concerns raised during the Strategic Sites Committee’s discussion last autumn, including of the development’s environmental impact and potential pressure on local transport networks.