The positive reaction to memories of the late Doctor John Spink in this column, on the Legends Of Marlow Facebook and on Marlow FM confirmed his popularity and his helpful personality.

I had previously published extracts from an article by John detailing early medical services in Marlow. This was apparently the first of two parts and part two seemed to exist only on a cassette in the Marlow Society archive recorded by John, who predictably was very modest about the major part he played in establishing the Doctors House in Victoria Road, bringing all local doctors together in one premises along with additional nursing services. 

This tape was in poor condition, not really suitable for broadcast, and I promised to attempt to transcribe it into print, a task I was not looking forward to. I had been unaware that John had a daughter living in Little Marlow, and I was delighted that she contacted me with additional stories and information, and to say that she thought she might have a better copy of the recording. However, another bit of feedback advised that the Marlow Society's Rachel Brown had once written an article largely based on John's tape, but with some further facts and figures provided by Peter Land, Hospital Board Chairman. 

I have now located this and I am sure you will find it of interest, partly reprinted above. It is not dated, but I would guess not long after 2001, the last date noted by Rachel. Both John Spink and Peter Land are sadly no longer with us, but are well featured in the many photographs of the opening of the enlarged Heath Centre by Princess Diana. I have found a good one, top right, with Mayor Maurice Oram also in view. 

I took the photograph of Victor and Dorothy Bruce, holding an oil painting, which probably needs some explanation. Ten years ago I printed, in this column, pictures, by a very talented local artist, that I knew very little about - Bill Newton Taylor, who had lived at Bovingdon Green. I found a couple of examples of his work on eBay and several emails revealed more details of his life: he was born in 1911, and worked as Art Master at Wycombe College. However the largest collection of his paintings was amazingly located just round the corner from where I live, in the home of his close friends, Dr and Mrs Bruce, who soon after moved to Scotland.

Anyway, returning to the Doctors House: like all of the NHS it is obviously stressed these days, but whilst agreeing that it is considerably more difficult to get an appointment, my own experiences are reasonably positive: I now am a little less fit compared to the days when I knew Dr John Spink! 

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