A dad who was left feeling self-conscious after a football accident left him with discoloured and chipped teeth has saved thousands after getting a smile makeover in Croatia. 

Andrew Beavis, from High Wycombe, took the plunge after years of dissatisfaction with his teeth and ‘couldn't be happier’ with the result at a ‘fraction of the cost’ of UK dentists.

After years of being frustrated with his smile, Andrew, who runs a construction company, decided to address them in February ahead of his 60th birthday this year. 

But after being quoted £1,000 per veneer at his dentist in the UK, he trusted his friend’s advice to go overseas for his dental transformation. 

Bucks Free Press: Andrew Beavis before the changeAndrew Beavis before the change (Image: NA)

The overhaul began with comprehensive scans at Harley Street to determine an optimal treatment plan.

He received clear quotes and advice from Dentum, before flying out to Croatia where he got his new chompers within five days.

Despite initial apprehensions during the fitting process, Andrew praised Dentum's expertise for the natural-looking results he achieved.

He said: “I got a quote for veneers in the UK around six years ago, but life took a different turn with building our house.

"Then my wife needed dental work, and the costs here were astronomical.

"That's when Dentum in Croatia came into the picture, recommended by a friend who had got treatment there and was amazed by the results."

Describing his dental situation before the treatment, the dad-of-two recounted the lingering effects of an old football injury. 

He continued: "I was unhappy with my teeth because I'm still vain at nearly 60!

Bucks Free Press: Andrew Beavis nowAndrew Beavis now (Image: NA)

"One of my front teeth was discoloured from a football accident many years ago, and the other tooth had a significant chip - it bothered me for years.

"The damage happened after an accidental collision with an opposition player, resulting in my tooth being dislodged, a small break to my jaw, and 18 stitches in my lip.

“The orthodontic surgeon saved my tooth, but the discolouration gradually worsened."

"I trusted my friend's recommendation. There were no red flags for me.

Andrej Bozic, an oral surgeon at Dentum, said: "It's truly uplifting to witness the transformative impact Andrew’s treatment has had on his confidence.

"We've noticed a growing number of British patients seeking various treatments, often due to lengthy NHS waiting times or the steep costs at private clinics in the UK. 

"As we offer services at up to half the price and maintain a standard of care among the best in Europe, we're honoured to serve around 500 to 600 UK patients annually.

"It's incredibly rewarding to help individuals who have faced self-esteem challenges due to dental issues, providing them with the smile they rightfully deserve."