An application to have a traveller’s site set up in Chalfont St Peter has been approved on the basis that certain conditions are followed.

The proposal was submitted to Buckinghamshire Council on August 29, 2023, to have four pitches of land used for those within the travelling community.

Eight months later, planning permission was formally granted on May 2 following a public meeting with town councillors on April 30.

The site will be built along West Hyde Lane in the village, but specific requirements must be met.

One of which is that the area ‘shall not be occupied by any persons other than gypsies and travellers as defined in the Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (DCLG August 2015) or as defined in any subsequent document that supersedes it.’

In addition to this, the conclusion notice also states that ‘permission is granted for a limited period which will expire five years from the date of the decision.’

It reads: “At the expiration of this period the use hereby permitted shall cease immediately and all mobile homes, touring caravans and associated development hereby permitted shall be removed from the land unless further permission has previously been granted by the Local Planning Authority.”

“No other part of the development shall begin until visibility splays have been provided on both sides of the access between a point 2.4 metres along the centre line of the access measured from the edge of the carriageway and a point 43 metres along the edge of the carriageway measured from the intersection of the centre line of the access.

“The area contained within the splays shall be kept free of any obstruction exceeding 0.6 metres in height above the nearside channel level of the carriageway.”

The land, as it stands, currently has a mobile home, a touring caravan, two car park spaces and a private patio area.

Despite the conditional approval, 43 objections were made from members of the public as several residents expressed their concerns regarding the following:

  • Extra pressures on local services such as waste, water and sewage pumps
  • Extra pressures on local schools and medical facilities
  • Impact on greenbelt and rural character of the area
  • Impact on local wildlife
  • Fear of the site being extended in the future, given the planning history of the site.
  • Impact on the welfare of students at Robertswood School
  • Anti-social behaviour of the travelling community
  • Traffic congestion
  • Highway hazards including limited provision for waste collection
  • No justified need for the development
  • Inadequate publicity of the application by the council.

However, those in favour of the development argued that the development identified a need for traveller accommodation in the Chiltern District.

In addition to those, there were no objections from the consultees including the Highway Authority, the lead local flood authority, a tree officer, an ecology officer or an Environmental Protection officer.

To watch the full meeting, click here.