TEACHERS have pledged their support to a boy who is battling a brain tumour from Flackwell Heath by showing their courage and bravery.

Staff at Carrington Infant School launched a fundraising campaign to raise £1,000 to support Kaiden Edwards, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour on Thursday, June 23 2022, after experiencing head pain, nausea, sickness and double vision in November 2021.

Bucks Free Press: Kaiden Edwards

As part of the school's fundraising efforts, staff faced their fears by holding a creepy crawly to show they're being brave for Kaiden.

Staff held hairy tarantulas and had snakes wrapped around their arm in a bid to show their support.

Headteacher Mrs Cliffe said: "The teachers and support staff at Carrington Infant School made a pledge in support of Kaiden’s Army.  Our way to show support to this incredibly courageous boy as he goes through more cancer treatment.

"Staff faced their fears of either spiders, snakes or both in front of all the children. Thank you Jungle Juniors and the wonderful Jess for making this possible.

"It was terrifying yet incredibly rewarding."

Visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/BraveStrongFierce?utm_term=yMXpY7p2V to donate.