Firefighters were called out to a street in Chesham after concerns were raised over a damaged chimney.

The emergency services visited a house along Sunnyside Road within the town after a handful of residents alerted the fire brigade that part of the chimney was broken.

There was a very strong possibility that the brickwork could have been onto the nearby street.

It was first noticed by members of the public on May 1, with the firefighters arriving two days later on May 3.

A Chesham resident, Lisa Ashley Hanchant, said: “Hats off to Amersham Fire Brigade for rectifying the broken chimney on Sunnyside Road.

“If that fell off, that could have seriously hurt someone and so many children walk up and down this road, to and from school (including my daughter).”

Bucks Fire and Rescue said: "One appliance and crew from Amersham attended, along with an officer.

"A chimney pot was hanging off the chimney stack of a two-storey house when they arrived.

"The firefighters used a 10.5metre ladder, and a roof ladder, to remove the loose chimney pot from the chimney stack."