Several comedians will be heading to Chesham this weekend to take part in the annual Alex Horne football charity match.

Taking place at the Meadow, which is the of Chesham United, comics such as James Acaster and Tom Rosenthal and been selected to play in the cause, with money raised going to the mental health charity, Mind.
Around 5,000 people are expected to head to the fixture on Saturday, May 11 with a 3pm kick-off time.
Many spectators are fans of Horne’s popular TV show, Taskmasker, which airs on Channel 4.

The match will see Egg United take on Chicken City (who won the cup last year), in a match that won’t stick to the usual football rules.

For example, goalkeepers will have to go up for every corner, anyone who picks up a yellow card must wear a pair of yellow washing up gloves, and similar to last year, the game will kick-off with a penalty shoot-out.

In a recent tweet, Horne, who is a director at Chesham, said: “More names for May 11.

“Acaster,  Rosenthal, Duker, Baker, McGrath, Brooker, Richardson, Dennis, Laws, Graham, Williams, Kearns, Winning, Williams, Gill - plus some Horne Section
 and Sam Campbell .

“GET TICKETS NOW. It’ll be extraordinary.”

Those attending are recommended to arrive early for parking.