The popular Chilfest music festival in Tring is facing a 20 per cent increase in costs since 2019, explained founder and event director, Steve Butcher.

The significant rise is due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, coupled with the COVID pandemic that has led to increased fuel, crewing charges, and infrastructure costs.

Butcher acknowledged that it was challenging to pass these rising costs onto their loyal fanbase.

He said: "The general public appear to be spending less on entertainment at this current time which is a real shame but completely understandable as the cost of living crisis is affecting most of us and people are being more selective where they spend their hard earnt wages."

However, despite these challenges, Butcher confirmed that Chilfest will indeed be going ahead this year and expressed his hope to continue hosting great music artists in Tring for many years to come.

It comes after Pennfest organisers announced last month (April 15) that their summer festival is no longer taking place due to "lower than anticipated ticket sales."

They said the cancellation of this year's event was a necessary step to regroup and prepare for an impressive 2025 event.

In their announcement, the team also hinted at the wider challenges facing many similar UK and international events, some of which have also been cancelled or postponed.

"It saddens us even further that unfortunately this situation does not only apply to us with a significant number of festivals like ours in the UK and internationally already cancelling or postponing their events for the same reasons," they stated.

"Over the past few months, it has become more and more apparent that with lower than anticipated ticket sales coupled with significantly increasing costs in a very challenging economic climate has made it impossible to deliver the event to the standard our customers have become accustomed to, despite looking at all available options."

Tickets are available for Chilfest here