A High Wycombe resident celebrated her 100th birthday, attributing her longevity to "good genes and hard work."

Daphne Farmer, a resident at Ridley Manor in Lane End, celebrated her special day on Friday, May 3, by disclosing the secret behind her long life. 

Not only did Daphne share her words of wisdom but also celebrated this milestone with her family who travelled from Lincolnshire to be with her on her special day.

The care home staff, in their turn, decorated the home with balloons and banners and arranged a surprise musical performance from Denis from Dc² Entertainment and Dance Company.

London-born in 1924, Daphne spent her childhood in Marlow Bottom.

Tragically, she lost her mother at a young age and was raised by nurses whilst her father was at work.

Some of Daphne's most cherished memories stem from her childhood, especially those involving her neighbour, Mona, who she formed a lifelong bond with.

Regarding this friendship, Daphne said: "She was like family."

Over the years, Daphne's strong work ethic led her to work as a secretary, before becoming an occupational therapist.

Described as a social butterfly, Daphne loved participating in activities such as the book club and exercise classes, as she enjoyed gaining knowledge and wanting to try new things.

Sharing her thoughts on the event, Daphne said: "Thank you for giving me such a happy birthday.

"Everyone enjoyed themselves and the dancers were so good and a joy to watch, my family came from Lincolnshire and mixed well with friends from Marlow. I want to give my thanks to all the team who did the work."

The General Manager at Ridley Manor, Estelle Adriaans, expressed her delight, saying: "The birthday celebrations are certainly in full swing here at Ridley Manor!

"Daphne is a much-loved resident with many friends and thank you to Denis for making her day that much more special."

Adriaans emphasised the importance of marking such occasions and celebrating the residents of Ridley Manor.

"Everyone had a wonderful time toasting her special day and listening to her share memories from her long, happy life," Adriaans said.

Wrapping up the celebration, she added, “We’re all incredibly privileged to have Daphne as part of the Ridley Manor family – and look forward to hearing more of her favourite memories over a cup of tea.

"Happy birthday, Daphne!”