More residents have reacted to the news that a police officer was shot by a man with a crossbow in Downley.

The incident occurred in the evening of Friday, May 10, following an alleged argument between two people along School Close in the village.

Things escalated when a man in his 60s was stabbed, and a 54-year-old man was seen running along the street with a crossbow.

He then fired it at a member of the police force before they were shot down by the authorities.

The officer was taken to hospital but was later discharged, whilst the man in his 60s suffered ‘serious but not life-threatening injuries’.

The alleged perpetrator has also been taken to hospital under police supervision with potentially life-changing injuries.

He has since been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said:  "There was a huge police presence but we had no idea what was going on.

“It’s shocking as this is a lovely middle-class area and you don’t expect such horrific crimes, but at the end of the day, these are turbulent times and certain individuals are struggling with their mental health.

“I guess these things can happen everywhere.”

Another resident, who also wanted to remain anonymous and admitted to knowing both of the people involved, added: “I heard there was an argument between the two a couple of days ago or so and to be honest, I didn’t think anything of it until I heard the sirens yesterday [May 10].

“I had a look out the window and saw police, armed units, ambulances…it happened so fast.

“It’s quite shocking.

“I don’t understand what happened between the two but I hope everyone gets the help they need.

“This is a sad situation for both.

“I’ve spoken to both of them before and haven’t had any issues.”

Following the incident between 7pm and 8pm on May 10, officers closed off the road which remains shut at the time of writing.

Residents who live along School Close are the only ones who can enter and leave the cordon.

Forensics were also spotted at the scene in the early hours of May 11 – they entered two properties along the street at roughly midnight.

They were also seen in the daytime continuing their investigation.

Thames Valley Police said: “There is a large police presence in the area as a result but there is no ongoing threat to the wider public. Anyone with concerns should speak to a uniformed police officer.

“A large police cordon is in place so please avoid the area as best you can.

“I’d ask the public to avoid speculating about the incident and sharing footage on social media; instead send it to us via our website.

“We have also made a mandatory referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

“We won’t be making further comment at this time as this is an ongoing investigation.”