An Afghan restaurant that replaced a much-loved Indian curry house in Aylesbury is set to open its doors this week.

The establishment, which is called ‘Kabul Dera’ (Kabul’s Home), is aiming to officially reveal itself to the public on Friday, May 17.

It will come exactly two months after Desire, a popular Indian restaurant that sat in the corner of Kingsbury Square within the town for well over a decade, suddenly closed without any explanation.

Customers of the venue received an abrupt text message in the afternoon of Sunday, March 17 confirming that they would no longer trade whilst thanking them for their support.

Many customers took to social media to express their shock, surprise, and confusion over the sudden closure, with many people being left in the dark over future bookings.

The Free Press tried contacting Desire in regard to the closure but never received a response.

However, Saeed Hamkar, who runs Aylesbury’s latest establishment, hopes the dishes can ‘reflect’ what the Asian country offers.

He said: “The name ‘Kabul Dera’ means ‘Kabul's Home’, reflecting our commitment to offering the warm, traditional hospitality that one would experience in the heart of Afghanistan.

“Our cuisine features authentic Afghan dishes such as Kabuli Pulao, a variety of kebabs, and our freshly baked naans, highlighting the rich culinary heritage of the region.”