The former partner of a High Wycombe man has described him as an ‘old school gentleman’ following his sudden passing at the start of this month.

Allison Rondel, who currently lives in the Old Tea Warehouse on Amersham Hill, exclusively spoke to the Free Press about how Edward ‘Edd’ McDonald was ‘loved’ in the town, yet he wasn’t aware of his popularity.

Mr McDonald died in the afternoon of Sunday, May 5, at the age of 57.

The football fan, who was a ‘huge’ Chelsea supporter but also kept an eye on Wycombe Wanderers’ results, would regularly sit outside the town’s Iceland branch along the High Street.

Bucks Free Press: Allison Rondel by the shrine in High WycombeAllison Rondel by the shrine in High Wycombe (Image: NQ)

He would talk to members of the public about their day, whilst often telling stories from his past.

Following his death, a shrine has been put up by his usual spot, which was orchestrated by Ms Rondel.

It was first put together on the day of Mr McDonald’s death [May 5], but by May 10, more flowers and pictures had been included, whilst a Chelsea flag had been erected and a chalk drawing had been done in honour of the much-loved character.

Ms Rondel told the Free Press: “We’ve had so much support come our way.

"Everyone who knew him, loved him.

Bucks Free Press: One of the many tributesOne of the many tributes (Image: NQ)

“He knew everyone by name, he knew their kids’ name and he always had a story to say.

“He didn’t ask for anything and he was an old school gentleman.

“A massive Chelsea fan, he loved Chelsea.

“He was a huge Blue.

“He was one of the best and he’ll be massively missed by everyone.”

A GoFundMe page has since been created in Mr McDonald’s memory with a £500 target being set – so far, £455 has been raised.

The money will go towards the costs of a funeral, with a local florists in High Wycombe already confirming they’d offer to supply the flowers at no cost.

However, despite the outpouring of grief from numerous residents in the town, cash put in a donation box left by the shrine was stolen just days after it was left out.

Bucks Free Press: The two known each other for nearly a decade The two known each other for nearly a decade (Image: NQ)

It has now been confirmed that Ms Rondel guards the shrine during the day, with the box being left in the hands of the Iceland management team during the night.

A neighbouring pub, The Three Tuns, has also produced their own fundraising campaign to help cover the costs of Mr McDonald's funeral.

She continued: “We put the memorial together which included a donation box, but after a day or so, I was told that some of the money had been taken.

“I came running back and have stayed here ever since."

Bucks Free Press: What the shrine now looks likeWhat the shrine now looks like (Image: NQ)

She continued: “We met eight or nine years ago and the first thing he did for me was cook dinner.

“He was loved, and he didn’t know it.

“He didn’t know how much he was appreciated in the town.”