A concerned resident has claimed that a convenience shop near High Wycombe is causing ‘major upset’ for several locals over an ‘awful alarm that goes off for long periods.’

April Murdoch, who lives in Loudwater, told the Free Press that the village’s Morrisons branch along Station Road has an alarm that has ‘woken residents’ during the night.

It’s been alleged that the problem has been going on for three years, and despite raising the issue with the shop workers, management staff, the police and Buckinghamshire Council, ‘nothing has been done’ to fix the issue.

She said: “Morrisons have caused major upset for residents for three years running with an awful alarm that goes off for long periods at a time most nights waking residents.

“The alarm has gone off consecutively for the last five nights [May 9 to May 13], and despite regular complaints in store, manager visits, email complaints and even calls to the police and council, nothing has been done to combat the problem.

“It’s causing serious upset and distress to Station Road residents and it needs to be resolved ASAP.”

The shop was known as McColl's until 2023, when Morrisons bought out the company which was suffering from financial difficulties.

We have approached Morrisons for a comment.