To mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day a café in High Wycombe has released a song raising money for veterans welfare.

Forever dancing in your heart is an original track from the team at the Air Raid Shelter Cafe and Tea Room in Frogmoor, sung by a group of veterans and customers.

The Air Raid Shelter Cafe is asking residents to support their campaign by purchasing a copy of the song for 99p. 

Don Sheppard, who recently turned 104, is one of the veterans who appears in the music video.

Bucks Free Press:

Don Sheppard landed on Juno Beach on 6 June 1944.

After serving in North Africa and Sicily earier in WW2 he was an experienced soldier. But nothing could have prepared him for the D-Day landings.

“We arrived in the English Channel near Dover in a big convoy, but we were getting shelled from the French mainland, the narrow part. They had seen us and the boat behind us got a direct hit and sunk,” remembers Don.

“None of us had ever learned how to get down a rope ladder and a lot of the guys were falling in.

“Eventually we got away, but I tell you what, we was 10 miles off of the shore and it was like hell let loose. All our battleships firing over our heads, rockets and all stuff firing, the sea was pretty rough and eventually, as I say, we got to the beach.”

Through the personal accounts of veterans and their families we are paying tribute to the D-Day generation that helped earn the freedoms that we know today.

This isn't the first time the cafe has produced a song to raise money for charity.

Chris Miller, who is the owner of the Air Raid Shelter Cafe and Tea Room, teamed up with former RAF radio operator John Pearce back in December 2021, to record a cover of the festive standard Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

Listen to the song here