Buckinghamshire Council has fixed a manhole cover after a grandmother from High Wycombe fell down it and fractured her shoulder.

Georgina Heyburn, 47, was hospitalised after falling into the ‘six-foot’ deep chamber by the A413 in Aylesbury in January 2024 while walking her two dogs after the manhole cover was not secured.

She has demanded compensation from the council over the accident, which she says has left her with lasting injuries and needing to take hydrocortisone injections for the pain.

The council initially refused to take responsibility for Georgina’s fall and denied that the manhole was its property, claiming that it belonged to UK Power Networks.

But in a U-turn, the authority has now admitted that the manhole was in fact its property and apologised to Georgina, who was ‘petrified’ by her fall.

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A council spokesperson said: “On closer inspection of the site and following discussions with UKPN, it has been clarified that the manhole is a redundant traffic signals chamber which belongs to the council.

“It had been cordoned off, but the barriers had been removed, leaving the site exposed without our knowledge.

“We have apologised to UKPN for the mix up and have also given our sincere apologies to the resident who has logged a claim which is currently being processed.

“The area has been made safe once again and highways crews are in the process of making arrangements to permanently remove the chamber.”

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