A gargantuan 24 metre banner overlooking West Wycombe Hill labelled former MP Steve Baker a "climate crisis denier" on Saturday, June 1.

Tied to Baker's involvement with a Tufton Street climate denial group, this is not the first time the banner has made an appearance, first gracing the hillside overlooking the A40 at the Rye.

The creators of the banner - local environmental group, Steve Baker Watch - rebuke Baker for neglecting climate change initiatives in favour of countering them.

Gemma Rogers, co-founder of Steve Baker Watch, voiced her concern over Baker’s stance on climate change.

She said: "We’re very concerned our MP is a climate crisis denier.

"If voters are at all concerned about climate, Steve Baker is not a safe pair of hands" and urged voters to follow the group's Twitter for accurate information on climate measures within the prospective political sphere.

"In adjunct to the banner, a film spotlighting Baker's climate actions has been shared.

"This documented display, along with Baker's dwindling majority of just four thousand, has caused political pundits to predict a possible defeat in the upcoming elections.

"Despite this prediction, Gemma Rogers reserves her certainty, stating "We’re not counting our chickens until we hear the result on election night.

"We will be campaigning right until the very end".

Steve Baker previously hit out the group calling them "clowns".

He said in a statement previously: "Their nonsense does not deserve the dignity of a response.

“If these clowns won’t listen to the UN’s IPCC or the independent Committee on Climate Change, then they are hardly likely to respond positively to me.”