A man who drove under the influence of cannabis has been fined almost £1,000 - and received 10 points on his licence.

Callum Smart, 36, of South Place, Marlow, pleaded guilty to an offence of drug-driving at Reading Magistrates' Court on May 10.

He was stopped while driving a Land Rover at Maidenhead on June 26 last year.

Police subjected him to tests, which revealed the presence of a cannabis by-product in his system.

The level was assessed to be above the legal limit, and Smart was prosecuted.

Magistrates have served him a £311 fine.

In addition, he must pay £350 in court costs, and a £124 victim surcharge.

His driving licence has been endorsed with 10 penalty points.

A driver who racks up more than 12 points in a three-year period is automatically banned from the road.