The Conservative Chesham and Amersham MP candidate has opened up about spending his formative years in Saudi Arabia ahead of the July 4 general election.

In a new video on his Facebook page, Gareth Williams, who is also a Buckinghamshire councillor, reveals what it was like going to live in the Middle East at such a young age.

He said: “I have had a mixed background. So, I was born in this country but actually, aged five I went to go and live in Saudi Arabia.

“I lived there for five years. Between the ages of five and eight, I lived in the middle of the desert basically.”

Williams added that his time in Saudi is the reason why family is ‘so important’ to him because they were ‘all he had’ during his time abroad.

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The Tory candidate later attended school in Dublin for seven years from the age of 10, where he says he became more ‘patriotic’ as the sole Brit putting up with the ‘banter’ of his Irish classmates.

Williams’ election pledges include providing ‘good quality education’, tackling Thames Water’s sewage dumping in precious chalk streams, protecting the Green Belt and cracking down on crime

In the July 4 vote, he faces Sarah Green (Liberal Democrat), Chris Chilton (Labour), Justine Fulford (Green Party), Laurence Jarvis (Reform UK), Muhammad Pervez Khan (Workers Party of Britain) and Julian Foster (Heritage Party).

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