Many residents in Chesham are celebrating after a lengthy campaign to try and stop motorists driving down a one-way street incorrectly has succeeded.

Those living along Moor Road were happy to hear that an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera would be erected after several near misses had taken place along the street.

The camera will also spot anyone going over the speed limit.

The piece of equipment is in the process of being fitted to deter drivers from driving the wrong way through the one-way system passing Chesham Moor Gym and Swim.

And to celebrate the occasion, a bunting has been hung in preparation for the festivities.

It is believed that the campaign has lasted for several years.

Resident Sophie Finn said: “We have waited years for this campaign to gain enough traction but with the help of local residents it has finally happened.”

The cameras will catch anyone going down Moor Road incorrectly The cameras will catch anyone going down Moor Road incorrectly (Image: NA)

“We have the Moor, Gym and Swim, local schools and Nursery close by so drivers must be aware of the dangers of driving the wrong way down the one-way street into a blind corner at the junction of, Lords Mill and Bois Moor Road.  

“A huge community effort which should be celebrated increasing safety for the people of Chesham.”

Buntings have been put up to celebrate the occasionBuntings have been put up to celebrate the occasion (Image: NA)

Images available on Google Maps show that there are two no-entry signs when you head towards Moor Road near the leisure centre.

There is also a ‘no entry’ road marking along the tarmac.

However, these signs have been ignored causing delays and near accidents in the town, which is why the campaign was launched.

A welcome addition to the town

The camera will be fitted in a very residential area of Chesham, with Moor Road being a short distance away from Chesham United Football Club’s stadium, The Meadow.

And with the Generals being promoted into a higher league next season, and with the side having national recognition with comedian and television personality Alex Horne being chairman, there is a huge interest to visit the South Bucks venue.

This will see an increase in people visiting the town, and therefore, finding areas to park nearby.

There are some spaces near the aforementioned leisure centre but those who are not familiar with the area my accidentally go down the one-way road incorrectly.

The camera will be one of 7,000 which is part of the UK’s road network, where in 2022, nearly 250,000 were prosecuted for driving offences after being caught by cameras.