Reform UK candidate for Beaconsfield, John Halsall has publicly pledged to support the pub patrons of his constituency.

Aligning himself with the Campaign for Real Ale's (CAMRA) Election Manifesto, Mr Halsall's pledge highlights several key points, including fair tax for beer and pubs, improved rights for beer drinkers and the pub-going public, accessibility to market for smaller breweries and cider makers, and better planning protections for pubs.

He also aims to bring changes in the business rates system to make it fairer for public houses.

The call for support comes as the brewing industry faces stiff challenges from energy cost inflation, resulting in hundreds of pubs shutting down over the past year.

The beer, brewing and pub sector employs almost 900,000 individuals, contributing £22.9bn to the economy each year.

CAMRA Chairman Nik Antona said he was "delighted" that the Reform UK candidate was getting behind local beer and pubs.

He added: "Pubs are the cornerstones of our local communities, showcasing our nation’s brewing tradition and providing an essential community facility for those that use them.

"It is therefore critical that pub goers and beer drinkers are supported by as many MPs as possible in the next Parliament."