A new parking payment system has been introduced in Bucks, enabling motorists to choose from a variety of phone applications.

A scheme allowing drivers to choose their parking payment provider launched in Wycombe today (Monday, June 17).

The National Parking Platform (NPP), being piloted in local council car parks, aims to offer customers greater flexibility when paying for parking.

The trial will extend to all council-operated car parks in Wycombe, Princes Risborough, Bourne End, and Marlow.

It will enable customers to choose from three suppliers, JustPark, PaybyPhone, and RingGo, from which they wish to purchase their parking time.

At present, motorists can only use the digital supplier, RingGo.

Each supplier provides its own dedicated app, fees, and contact number, enabling customers to decide which works for them and the price they are comfortable paying.

Richard Barker, Corporate Director for Communities, shared the rationale behind the scheme, stating: "The idea behind the scheme is to give customers a choice in what they pay for their parking and to go for the option that best suits them.

"With different suppliers offering different convenience fees across one area, it forces them to be competitive in their pricing.

"This drives down costs for motorists which is another positive.

"This is part of a pilot so we will be monitoring how it is used and will feed back our findings."

More information about NPP, including the initial fees that suppliers will be charging in the Wycombe area, can be found online at www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/npp.

Additional information about Buckinghamshire Council car parks can be accessed here: www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-transport/parking.

Car parks included in this scheme range from locations in Bourne End, such as Wakeman Road, to various others in Wycombe, Marlow, and Princes Risborough, including numerous streets and recreation grounds.

Car parks: 

Bourne End

Wakeman Road


  • Desborough Street
  • Desborough Square
  • Duke Street
  • Easton Street
  • George Street
  • Handy Cross Park & Ride
  • Kingsmead Recreational Ground
  • Railway Place
  • Richardson Street
  • Totteridge Road
  • WDC Offices – Front
  • WDC Offices – Rear
  • Swan


  • Dean Street
  • Institute Road
  • Liston Road
  • Marlow Central
  • Pound Lane
  • Riley Road
  • West Street

Princes Risborough

  • Horns Lane
  • The Mount