Former Wycombe Wanderers chairman Rob Couhig has spoken publicly for the first time following speculation that he could purchase Reading FC.

Speaking exclusively to the Bucks Free Press and the Reading Chronicle, the 75-year-old American, who owned the Chairboys for five years, was coy when asked about his future endeavours following his exit at Adams Park earlier this month.

Rumours in recent weeks have suggested that the lawyer is currently ‘leading the way’ to buy out Dai Yongge’s share of the Royals, but there is no news of when an official takeover will take place, if it even happens.

Couhig officially sold his 90 per cent stake of Wanderers in May to the Kazakhstani-based Georgian billionaire, Mikheil Lomtadze, almost 12 months after he announced the club up for sale.  

He moved from owner to chairman, but left his post after one month in the role.

Speaking on the speculation, he said: “We’re looking at helping some people with possible acquisitions in the UK.

“I’m looking at a variety of options but I’m back at the law firm [in New Orleans].

“I’ve learned a lot about football because when I first started, I didn’t know much about it at all, as I don’t compare my knowledge to anyone else.

“But I have an idea of the budgets that go into it, so we’re consulting with a few people, and I think there are some opportunities which will come around and if they do, we can fit ourselves in.”

If the American were to become the new owner of Reading, he would be reintroduced to the Royals fans who he briefly encountered via social media back in March.

This was after Wycombe put forward a formal enquiry to purchase Reading’s state-of-the-art Bearwood Training Ground for a fraction of the price the Berkshire-based team had paid it for.

This took place just days after the Chairboys had beaten the Royals at the Select Car Leasing Stadium, which was Wanderers’ first-ever victory at the home of Reading.

Many accused Wanderers, and Couhig, of asset-stripping the financially-stricken club, a notion the club denied.

A peaceful protest then took place outside of Adams Park that week, with both Reading and Wycombe fans taking part. 

The deal never went through, with Wanderers eventually acquiring the services of Chelsea’s former training ground, Harlington.

Couhig continued: “One can make the mistake of taking what some people say and doing as speaking for all of the community.

“Some people see things differently, and therefore they respond differently.

“I think those who were particularly aggrieved [about Bearwood] didn’t have a clue about what was going on, so they read a rumour which made them feel good to parade by Adams Park.

"One guy on vacation went through the trouble of posting something up outside my law office, but the joke was on him as I hadn’t been there for about a month and I’m on the 36th floor.

“I doubt I would have ever seen it!

“Look, around 90 per cent of the Reading fans know that the club is in real trouble.

“How it saves itself is yet to be determined, but I think outsiders looking at it, making suppositions about what are the sellable assets and what is not, and what attracts a buyer, are speculating unless they put down their own money.

“It couldn’t have escaped anyone’s notice that there’s a parade of people trying to buy the club.

“I suspect if I did get involved there, there would be a big discussion where we can talk and yell at each other like we did at Wycombe occasionally, and move on.

"If it's run right, it's one hell of a club, and people need to understand that this is a business.

“So we shall see."