A Buckinghamshire couple have announced that they are both standing for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) at the July 4 general election.

Yvonne Wilding is a candidate for the new Mid Buckinghamshire constituency, while her husband of almost 40 years Richard Wilding is standing in neighbouring Aylesbury.

The couple, who have three children together, have lived in Bucks since 1987 and Great Kingshill for 13 years.

Yvonne is a member of Hughenden Parish Council and a scientist working on drug development in the pharmaceutical industry.

The former school governor said: “I felt compelled to stand as a candidate for the SDP as none of the current political parties gave me any confidence that they could tackle the current issues of the UK, nor did they align with my personal values.”

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Her retired husband Richard has decades of experience in the paint industry and global supply chain management and now runs a small business.

He said he had become ‘thoroughly disillusioned’ with the Conservative Party and ‘believes Britain deserves something better’.

The pair are joined by a third Bucks SDP candidate, Catherine Harker, a former NHS speech and language therapist, who is standing in Beaconsfield.

The MP hopeful, who lives in Marlow, said: “I decided to stand as a candidate having become exasperated by the current state of government and politics and to offer the public an alternative.”

The SDP is a ‘patriotic, economically left-leaning and culturally traditional’ party, which is fielding 122 candidates at this election – its most since 1987.

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