A café and desserts bar in Gerrards Cross has been handed a one-out-of-five food hygiene rating just two months after opening.

Buttermilk Café on Packhorse Road was given the low rating after an inspection on May 15, which found the premises in need of “major improvement” to its food safety management.

The café’s cleanliness and condition of facilities were also judged to need some improvement, while hygienic food handling practices were found to be “generally satisfactory”.

Buttermilk Café only opened its doors on April 7 and celebrated a renewed five-out-of-five food hygiene score at its Ealing branch on social media in January.

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Food safety management indicates the food safety officer’s confidence in an establishment and can include checks to ensure that the food sold or served is safe to eat and that staff are knowledgeable about food safety.

Hygiene ratings are an important way to ensure the safety and quality of food in the UK and, once awarded, provide consumers with essential information about the standards of hospitality businesses across the country.

Here's what each rating means:

0 – urgent improvement necessary

1 – major improvements necessary

2 – improvements necessary

3 – business generally satisfactory

4 – business good on assessment

5 – business is seen as very good

Inspections are conducted by local authorities via trained officers on unannounced visits.