Statistics have revealed that a staggering 27 violent and sex crimes were reported in Amersham during the month of April this year.

The figures, which are available through the Thames Valley Police website, showcased that 88 offences were committed during the fourth month of the year, with nearly one-third being related to violence and sex.

The criminal acts took place in various areas of the town, with 10 being committed in the centre of Amersham, whilst nine occurred on the border with Chalfont St Peter.

The Amersham crime mapThe Amersham crime map (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Seven happened near the town’s High Street with one taking place on Copperkins Lane. 

Despite the high number, this is a decrease from 12 months earlier, as 96 crimes were reported with 24 being sexual offences/violent.

In addition to this, crime has reduced in Amersham since the start of this year.

In January, 101 crimes were reported before this number went up to 105 in February.
But in March and April, figures went down to 103 and 88 respectively.

However, things in Chesham look very concerning.

According to the data that has been supplied by Thames Valley Police, it shows that a staggering 161 offences were committed in April this year, with 58 being violent or sexual.

This is a jump of 18 crimes taking place one month prior.

The crime stats for CheshamThe crime stats for Chesham (Image: Thames Valley Police)

The map shows that 143 of the 161 crimes that were committed in April mainly took place in the centre of Chesham on various different streets.

Six crimes, (three for criminal damage/arson, two for theft and one for violence/sex) occurred close to the town’s train station.

This is also an increase from 12 months ago, as 155 crimes were committed in the town. 

For Chalfont St Peter in April 2024, there was a total of 77 crimes that were reported to the authorities with 22 being related to sex and violence.

One positive for the village is that there has been a monthly decrease of crime since the start of the year.

The crime stats for Chalfont St PeterThe crime stats for Chalfont St Peter (Image: Thames Valley Police)

In January, 122 crimes were reported.

This dropped down to 83 in February, before it decreased again March by three to 80.

And in April, it once again reduced by three reported offences. 

Overall, this is a decrease from 105 in April last year, when 105 crimes were reported to Thames Valley Police. 

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