Two cars have been seized in High Wycombe across a two-day spell.

On June 28, a white BMW was spotted in the town, which was uninsured, untaxed, had various defects and was displaying false registration plates.

The driver of the vehicle was reported to the authorities with the motor being seized.

On day later on June 29, another BMW was found in the area which was not road legal.

An officer from Thames Valley Police said: “Checks revealed that it had no insurance.

“It turns out the driver had wrongly assumed cover [to drive the car] was in place.

“The driver has been reported and their vehicle was seized.”

Those caught driving without insurance could receive a penalty of up to £300 and have six points added on to their license.

The authorities also have the power to seize, and in some cases, destroy a vehicle that’s being driven uninsured.