Chesham Town Council has confirmed that repairs to the iconic clock tower are very much underway.

The clock tower currently stands in Market Square on the site of Chesham’s 18th Century Town Hall, which was demolished in 1965.

It has been part of the town’s history and furniture for decades, but is currently undergoing much-needed repairs.

In a brief statement that was published on the council's Facebook page, they said: “The first stage of the clock tower repair is complete.

“All leaks in the roof structure have been fixed, the electrical housing has been replaced and the whole tower has had a good clean.

“The specialist clock repairers will be out on Thursday, July 4, to get the clock up and running again.

“We are so pleased with how good it now looks.”

The clock mechanism dates from the mid-19th century. In a partnership project with Chesham Museum, the Town Bell was reunited with the clock, when it was hung in the clocktower in 2014.

The Town Bell was renamed The Stirling Bell in memory of Stirling Maguire who was instrumental in getting the bell returned to, and chiming in, the town centre.