A unique piece of artwork has appeared in front of a Marlow secondary school on the day of the country’s General Election.

In the early hours of Thursday, July 4, members of the public noticed the painting directly opposite Sir William Borlase Grammar School in the town, depicting a young school boy holding a red briefcase.

Many are speculating that this is the work of world-renowned anonymous street artist, Bansky, with the case being a ministerial box, also known as a Red Box.

This is used by ministers  in the British government  and the monarch to carry important documents.

It’s most commonly seen on the day when the Chancellor of the Exchequer reveals his new budget for the UK.

(Image: NQ)

A member of staff at Sir William Borlase said the artwork "appeared overnight" and wasn't picked up by any CCTV cameras.

They also said they were "surprised" to find it outside the entrance to the school's site on West Street.

Do you think this is a piece of work Banksy?

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